Electrical and Electronic kits

The SUNSTEP programme centres around our electronics kits. They are the hands-on means with which we get learners excited about Science and Technology. The current sixteen kits range from the Dark Activated Light kit through various others to the Moisture Sensor kit.

 The kits are very user-friendly and easy to build. Learners don't need to have extensive theoretical knowledge to be able to assemble them.  


Science Engineering and Technology


 Since 2006 a much bigger module of electronics have been added to the Science curriculum and SUNSTEP assists educators who have difficulty or who needs to make the theory come alive during the practical session.  Learners will understand the interrelationship between Science, Technology, society and the environment.  He/she will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of how simple electrical/electronic circuits and devices are used to achieve output as a result of input signals.  Grade 7 learners will assemble a basic electrical circuit in series and parallel and the concepts will become crystal clear to them.  Grade 8 learners will do the AND/OR gates and switching conditions. Grade 9 learners will build kits demonstrating how simple electronic circuits and devices are used to make an output respond to an input signal. (e.g. resistors, light-emitting diodes, transistors, push and magnetic switches, thermistors, light-dependent resistors.  Learners from informal settlements such as Khayelitsha and Guguletu,  will learn about the safety and dangers of electricity.  Science Grades 10 to 12 will build electrical motors or electronic kits demonstrating the theory on capacitors and other electronic components.



Revised National Curriculum

Teachers have expressed delight at the ease with which the SUNSTEP kits slot into the newly adopted. Revised National Curriculum. The kits are suited for learners of all skill levels and have a high probability of functioning correctly the first time they are assembled. Teachers can therefore adjust the level of theory they want to use in their lessons to the ability or age group of their learners. 

SUNSTEP does in-service teacher training for the benefit of the learners. The SUNSTEP learning material for Systems and Control for instance, takes the teacher through the whole term with all the enabling activities that the learner will need to execute the big project.


SUNSTEP has developed the lesson material for teachers and learners, which address the learning outcomes, assessment standards and enabling activities.  We assist teachers and therefore the learners in the necessary resource tasks, guide them in their investigation activities and lead them to do the experiments through which they will see, understand and learn. 
Our aim is to equip the schools (identified by Education Authorities) with the basic equipment and support and orientate teachers, which will allow them to participate meaningfully and on an ongoing basis in our programme.  The programme has a good working relationship with curriculum advisors in order to remain aligned to educational needs and to organize workshops and discuss development. 

Boosting confidence in Technology


 The learners develop the ability to use our resources to design solutions to technological problems.  The knowledge the learners acquired seeps through to the community.  Since technological capability to a large extent determines a country’s ability to create wealth, the SUNSTEP investment in technological education is an investment in the future prosperity of our country.












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