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Anthony Williams (M.Ed. CIE) Currently researching PhD in Technology in Education at UWC:

The New CAPS Curriculum that was implemented in 2014 in the Senior Phase, needs Sunstep's expertise more than in the past. The grades 7 and 8 Technology curriculum needs to "demonstrate a simple electric circuit with a energy source (cell), switch, conductor and a light" (CAPS document).

There is no doubt in my mind that Sunstep has a role to play in the future education in South Africa. They have the capacity and experience to make any venture a success.

Since 1996 Sunstep has been on the foreground of facilitating electronic workshops to educators and learners. Technology was just introduced in the Outcomes-based Curriculum and educators were not empowered to teach this new curriculum. Sunstep trained hundreds of educators for this task.

What makes Sunstep valuable for most schools is that their kits are easy to build, has a high working success rate and are so affordable especially to the prviously disadvantaged communities.

Sunstep teaches educators and learners knowledge and skills regarding resistors, capacitors, transistors, buzzers, switches and many other input and output devices. This speaks directly to the grade 9 Technology curriculum and I'll include part of page 34 of the CAPS document.
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